The program director is responsible for the acquisition, training and follow-up of program staff. The program director maintains a list of all program staff, including a minimum name and emergency contact information. The rolling board must be made available to the university at least 14 days before the start of the camp. All program staff must sign an agreement that recognizes and agrees on the rules of the program and all guidelines and procedures applicable to higher education. The program director certifies in writing at the university that all staff (including the program director and all staff, interns, volunteers, contractors, etc.) have completed the audit satisfactorily, including a substantive review within five years of the program`s launch date, prior to the first day of the program, and the organization will make the results of the substantive examination available to the university for consultation on request. With regard to university programs, KU HRM definitively decides whether a person has successfully screened and can act as a program collaborator and, if necessary, coordinate disciplinary procedures for university staff. The parent or guardian receives, checks and signs before their minor child can participate in the program: I understand and agree (and in the case of a minor student, the signed parent understands and accepts) that confirmations, representations, exemptions, allowances, allowances, waivers and consents that are outlined here in this program must remain in effect and remain in effect while I am enrolled as a student at the university. Program Agreements The program director or anyone authorized to enter into such a contract on behalf of the organization that manages the program must enter into a written agreement with the University on the operation of the program and comply with all conditions set out in the program. University-sponsored programs undertake to complete all required forms and agreements. All other programs that take place at the university and/or are housed in academic institutions or controlled at all geographical sites are required to carry out the programme`s operating agreement as well as any other agreements or complements deemed appropriate by the university on the basis of the specific program. In addition, all programs in which participants are housed overnight in ku student reception institutions must enter into a written agreement with KU Student Housing for the use of these facilities.

All forms required in this section must be returned to parents/facilitators at the end of the program/camp. If a minor is treated during the program/camp, the health care provider will handle the information in accordance with federal and regional rules. The return of the forms gives the parent/facilitator assurance that private health information is not maintained and that program managers are not required to maintain the safe storage/responsibility of private information for 5 years. Program Requirements In addition to the requirements set out in written agreements with the university and other higher education guidelines, all programs must meet the following requirements and provide the Office of Event Management and Protocol, upon request, with documentation of this compliance: the program director is responsible for the acquisition, training and monitoring of program staff. It is the responsibility of the Program Director to ensure that best practices in monitoring minors are followed and that appropriate restrictions are placed on access to certain areas. Factors to consider in defining prudential requirements include the number and age of participants, activities, if any, accommodation type, age and staff experience. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring that all program staff are trained in the proper care of minors and the use of facilities.