One day, trade unions and the working class will have to stand up and demand sustainable wages and social benefits. This agreement does not. Its members voted to accept it. Now they have to live with it. It`s strange that the biggest concern about a Trump PEB was. It`s strange because many union members voted for Trump to stand up for the working class, but when it came to proving it, they didn`t want to «take the opportunity» and lose labor rules. The vote on the agreement speaks for itself… I am pleased to inform you that Amtrak and BMWED have signed an interim agreement to resolve our outstanding wage, benefit and work settlement issues. For your evaluation and use, the provisional BMWED-Amtrak agreement is attached. We intend to cooperate with the American Arbitration Association in order to have this agreement in the post office for its agreement or refusal until March 27, 2018. American Arbitration Association will count the ballots 25 days later.

The schedule can be changed by one or two days depending on the logistics of the process. _______________________________BLE UTU, on Freights, have a proposed treaty that can harm us all if they are adopted. It will set the standard for the industry and will have small wage increases and huge increases for health care, especially for the sick. Mediator Durham entered the room and immediately expressed his disappointment that there were so many of us. She called for our negotiating sessions to be limited to small groups and suggested that most of us should leave and remain only senior officers, which generally implies that Amtrak wants to negotiate calmly and away from the curious eyes and ears of those who will work as part of an agreement reached. Freight BLE, BRS-UTU voted in favour of the dismal agreement. We hope that there will be no model for the industry, but we know that the railways will try to say that is the case. If Amtrak maintains its current position, they will violate the Railway Labour Act, Section 2, First. We should not expect us to negotiate blindfolded. The parties are required by the Railway Works Act to make every reasonable effort to conclude and maintain agreements and resolve all disputes. Amtrak`s obstructionism is not only against the law, it also despises workers and working-class families.

Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (PRLBC) has written to Amtrak Chairman Coscia about the drastic and unprecedented changes proposed in performance plans, which would drastically increase costs for BMWED and BRS members. . Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt line Agreement April 1, 1975 BMWE/BRS presented evidence that supports increases in accordance with other transit organizations, unlike freight lines. Shoulder Ballast Cleaner – Night Flagging Agreement Read letter from the PRLBC to Amtrak Board Chairman Coscia here BMWE – SPG Alt Work Week – OT on Thursday Agmt – 4.18.18 Rule 24 – Expe Claims Handling Agreement Final Today in Philadelphia the Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (PRLBC) puts with National Board Mediation (NMB) mediator Eva Durham and representatives of Amtrak