Meanwhile, the first round of negotiations between the EU and Azerbaijan began on 24 January 2013. [6] Armenia opened accession negotiations following the signing of a new partnership agreement between Armenia and the EU in February 2017. [7] Although cooperation in aviation is technical, it also covers political aspects. The EU agreement provides that any non-EU member state that signs this agreement provides for direct flights to all EU member states. In this context, Istanbul Airport should create the necessary conditions for commercial air carriers for a direct flight to greek airports in Cyprus. – notes that the nationality provisions contained in the existing air services agreements are contrary to the principle of freedom of establishment and thus recognise that the Commission has limited exclusive powers; The June 2003 meeting of the EU Transport Council enabled EU Member States and the Commission to agree on modalities (7) to resolve the problems identified by the ECJ. Two methods have been defined to amend existing bilateral air services agreements: either bilateral negotiations between each Member State concerned and its partners, the modification of each bilateral air services agreement, or the negotiation of uniform «horizontal» agreements with the Commission acting on the mandate of EU Member States. Any «horizontal» agreement aims to amend the relevant provisions of all existing bilateral air services agreements in a single negotiation with a third country. Between June 2003 and September 2007, the separate bilateral negotiations method resulted in changes with 51 states, representing 101 adjusted bilateral agreements. Under the second option, horizontal negotiations resulted in changes with nine states, representing another 461 bilateral agreements.

(8) Turkey concluded a bilateral air services agreement with the United States on 2 May 2000 in New York. This agreement, based on the «open skies» approach that came into force on 13 August 2001, contains most of the provisions relating to regulatory cooperation, market access and investments found in the new AIR Services Agreement between the United States and the EU. However, it is still a fairly liberal agreement that, from the perspective of the United States, would not warrant renewal at this time. 1) The full text of the agreement can be downloaded from the website of the Directorate General of Energy and Transport of the Commission Bulc praised Turkey`s work for the construction of The Istanbul Airport, which was symbolically inaugurated on 29 October. It proposed that an agreement with the EU on air transport would also increase the airport`s capacity and bring additional benefits. Mr Bulc recalled that the EU had similar air transport agreements with the United States and some Asian countries, and that it had all generated revenue, jobs and reduced ticket prices for countries that, together with Brussels, included air transport cooperation. On 5 February, Turkey and the EU will hold a high-level transport dialogue with Turkish Transport Minister Cahit Turan for a visit to Brussels, which will include the air services agreement.