We offer competent heating, cooling and sanitation services for all types of fuel. Our technicians are well trained and qualified to work on a variety of housing systems. Their skills are reflected in our survey results for customer satisfaction, which are among the highest in the region for these services. Our size allows us to offer 24/7 coverage throughout the region and we offer leading service plans to ensure our customers have security. In addition, we also provide electrical services for individuals such as generator installations. UGI Heating, Cooling – Plumbing is the first choice for high-quality heating and cooling facilities and service in eastern and central Pennsylvania. With four affordable office sites in Bethlehem, Reading, Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA, we have a long history of reliable local service. We are committed to providing the highest quality equipment and service to meet all your home comfort needs. Another important difference that our service contract offers is no charge for the after-time emergency service, which could easily cost you $100 or more.

For our commercial and industrial customers, our various industries offer a competent service for a number of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation and electricity systems. Our team has extensive experience in overseeing hospitals, retail and office spaces, manufacturing and industrial complexes, educational institutions and other non-residential applications. In addition, our activities provide specialized services such as the construction of supply infrastructure and the development of energy efficiency projects, primarily cogeneration. In fact, our efforts to develop pcce in recent years have been among the most remarkable in the state. If z.B. a technician shows up, you normally have to pay $90. with the deal, you pay $0. For the job of fixing the outage, you could pay $200, compared to $0 with an UGI service contract.

So don`t wait for things to go wrong – contact us to find out more about the different service agreements we offer, a gift that comes back again and again, and start enjoying the holiday in peace! UGI Heating, Cooling – Plumbing offers a full range of high-quality home comfort products and services. Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And our comprehensive service agreements guarantee you a priority response. Outages are so unpredictable and uncomfortable. But with an UGI advantage service contract, you can count on the preferred service and be sure that the outage won`t break the bank. An UGI advantage service agreement guarantees priority service for outages – 24/7, even on public holidays.