Creating a single point of access to e-learning in Europe, setting up online courses and curricula at the fingertips of students; The project strengthens and presents the coordination process launched between the various digital initiatives of EU Member States within the framework of the ET2020 working groups on the modernisation of digital skills and skills. A common HUB for digital learning at EU level allows for a more systematic and holistic approach to digitisation of universities in all Member States, bringing existing projects under one roof. The OpenU project will create a European platform for e-learning, e-learning, university cooperation and mobility. The OpenU project will create a European platform for learning, academic cooperation and virtual mobility in Europe, which will build on the strengths of existing solutions and pave the way for the creation of an eU.University. OpenU will be a comprehensive digital and integrated infrastructure, combining existing educational resources and tools, designed to maximize systemic impact, providing: «the provision of pedagogy, models and guidelines, as well as continuous development of professional staff for the university community, which can improve and accelerate joint course development and implementation and provide useful expertise in the field of digital learning and pedagogy; For more information, see studium/ausland/studium/erasmus/ects.html – we offer ways of thinking for students with limited work from their place of residence to campus and vice versa in everyday life. and At the beginning of the winter semester of 2020/2021, about 22,000 young people studied at the University of Potsdam. The university attaches particular importance to the establishment of four university research centres. The ever-increasing volume of third-party funding is a testament to the quality of research being conducted at the university today. The University of Potsdam has also concluded successful and productive cooperation agreements with more than 30 non-academic research institutes in the region.