Project managers may, in some ways, be involved in the attribution process, although this is generally not their main concern. Contracting can be part of a larger project, but project managers are generally responsible for monitoring the progress of the project as a whole. For example, project managers often take care of the development of a property or product or the introduction of a particular service or software. As a result, project managers can help procure parts, set a budget and set a timetable for project closure. Throughout the project, project managers often play a key role in almost every facet of the process. As with contract managers, it`s normal that you`re not as strong as you want to be in any capacity you need to be an excellent project manager. If there are certain areas of work – or a particular project – that you don`t trust, put the time and effort into learning and improving in the relevant areas. I think what is not clearly defined is the actual «position» of the contract manager. If he is the company contract manager (long-term collaborator position) or the project contract manager (project duration only).

In my current function (market duration), contracting (in most cases) is responsible for agreeing all terms of office with a subcontractor, and once this task is completed, I record this information and have entered into a subcontract corresponding to these mandates. Believe me, this is not an ideal situation. An exception is the refundable contracts for which I deal with the terms of sale from start to finish. At the accountability level, decisions that involve agreement on variations are very limited and are left to project management. For other projects, I appreciated the authority that one would normally expect from a contract manager, it was ultimately a corporate position. For me, contract management should be clearly distinguished from other functions. Contract management is part of a company`s business process. In order to define the involvement of contract management, the company should answer the following question: what should the contract manager be responsible for? For example, financial management is responsible for adjusting figures, managing projects/services, including performance, etc.

There should be an understanding of CM`s area of expertise. I guess it is impossible to define a contract manager role because it will always be different in practice. I would prefer to define the «ideal» management of contracts, which covers the entire contract process from A to Z. Given these advantages and the benefits of contract management, companies can choose the level at which they wish to associate a contract manager for their respective business with their internal structure. Suppose you are interested in learning more about careers that look like contract managers, so you can understand the differences in skills, salaries and training. Well, you`re in the right place. We have gathered information on all of this to become director, procurement, supply officer, purchasing and materials manager and purchasing manager. Information on how these careers are compared to a contract manager will come later. What I would like to see more of this if the professional recognition and development of contract managers on the contracting side, who get little or no focus. When awarding large contracts, the contractor must have a «General Manager» who knows how he provides the contractual terms, etc.